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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Front of My Classroom

Yes, I still have a chalkboard in my room!  I have been asking since the beginning of last year for it to be converted to a whiteboard, but I am still waiting.  Today the school engineer said that the jack-of-all trades for our district may begin looking at covering all blackboards in the building with a whiteboard skin.  Yay for no more chalk dust in the room!  I am very excited.  Above the blackboard you see the TRIBES (Tribus) agreements in English and Spanish with pictures.  If you have never heard of TRIBES nor read the book, the four agreements are: attentive listening, right to pass, appreciations, and mutual respect.
These beautifully colorful laminated signs are my control for guided groups in both English (right) and Spanish (left).  In the middle, on the black paper I have each labeled, but it is hard to see.  I hope to make up fancier signs soon, but for now this does the job.  You may be asking why there are double the groups in English.  The reason is that based on the Rigby running records that we use to assess their levels, students are almost all between levels 23-26ish in Spanish, whereas in English I have seen ranges between 6-26 in one classroom.  Other teachers who work with my students love how easy it is to know who to work with and what level they are at.  It was probably bad of me to assume all teachers had some system for this.  What do you use for guided classroom management in your classroom?  Comment below.

 The last thing I have at the front of my classroom is the competency scale that our rubrics are based off.  Students always have access to the "generic" expectations of the five-point rubric scale.  The qualifiers were developed by my district, but I was the one who did the translation when they were released.  Later they were accepted as the "correct" translation, but I think the language could use some work.  Some of it sounds a little awkward to me.  Look for this in the future in my TpT store (still non-existent).
Look forward to more posts with resources for both bilingual Spanish and English settings.  I finally figured out to put pictures and links into my e-mail.  Next task--figure out how to link up because I love to collaborate and it truly bugs me that I haven't figured it out yet.


  1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Isn't that annoying trying to comment on other devices? I feel your pain! Your posters intrigue me for the guided groups. How do teachers know what level they are at?
    Also, I couldn't reply to you by email since you are a "no reply blogger". See this tutorial if you are interested in turning that off:

    I can definitely help you with a link up! Send me an email at
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. My posters are the visual for myself, other teachers that push-in, and the students. These connect to a beautiful (I absolutely love Excel!) document that I created for both reading and math that shows their performance for all of our assessments. And, of course, if is color-coded. :-) I will post that later when I am at a work computer so I can share those as a Google doc. Hopefully my phone will be freindlier with the whole responding piece. This message is coming from within Blogger, rather than Bloglovin', do I still show up as a :-( "no-reply blogger" :-( ?