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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Traits of Writing

So, I am sure you know this already, but for those who may be new to the six traits if writing, they are: ideas, organization, voice, word choice,  sentence fluency, and conventions.  Additionally,  there is the trait +1 which is presentation. Below you will find several of my anchor charts in Spanish with a translation below.

-I love how my writing sounds.
-This writing piece sounds like me.
-My writing comes to life. I say what I really think and feel.
-My writing shows feeling.
-I have a main idea and that's all I focus on.
-Everything is in order.
-My writing has a good beginning.
-My weiting has a strong ending.  I feel like my piece is complete. 
-it has a beginning,  middle, and end.

Word Choice
-It'S easy to imagine what I am writing/saying. I use the words correctly.
-I don't repeat words that are (un)important.
-I use strong verbs to show action.
-I look for new and onteresting words. 
-I use words thaT help the reader see, hear, feel, taste, and/or smell the things I write about.

-I have a main idea.
-I write only the details that have to do with my main idea. I dont write about anything else.
-I know a lot about my topic.
-I share the interesting details.
-My writing is easy to understand.
-I find any missing information.

Here was the header...the anchor chart listing the 6+1 traits of writing.
If you made it this far, you noticed that presentation is missing. That wasn't an anchor chart I had saved, but I hope these give you some ideas for your classroom.

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