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Monday, June 16, 2014

Math workshop

My math workshop works like this:

I had an approximately 10 minute long mini-lesson, 10 minute share time, and that means between 40-60 minutes for independent practice and pulling guided groups.

During this time, students would work independently on the topic from the mini-lesson, use technology, or expand on previous topics using board games or file folder games and activities created from TPT resources.
  • Technology is spent using xTra Math and iXL.  xTra Math is a free program that provides students basic math fact practice.  It has students race the teacher and provides them feedback if they take longer than a few seconds to answer the problem.  iXL has a variety of topics for students to practice based on topics, such as addition, multiplication, time, measurement, etc.
During this student-guided work time, I pull small (guided) groups based on their performance on the pre-test.  For example, with two-step problems Joey could draw a picture to match the problem, but can't follow through when it comes to the equation and solving the problem.  Johnny writes some numbers from the problem and just adds or subtracts them with no real rhyme or reason.  Jill has the picture that shows the correct answer, but counts wrong because she chose to count one by one rather than multiplying or using her arrays to solve the problem.  Janet solves the problem and explains how she found her answer.  As I review all of the students' work, I notice several students exhibiting similar use of strategies, or similar needs.  Then, I create groups based off the students' needs.  Look up the analyzing student work tool.  It is awesome for reflecting on what differentiation is necessary for moving students to the next level!  See the sample format here to see how you might use this tool.  

If there are enough requests, I can explain in further detail how I use this tool. 

Guided Math Conferences

One area that I haven't quite figured out how to fit into the math workshop, while managing flaws in technology and such are independent student conferences, outside of the guided group time and table.  I am hoping the blog book study of will help me with that,  See you at the book study starting June 19th.

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