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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reading in the Wild: Chapter 3

 Reading in the Wild

Wild Readers Share Books and Reading with Other Readers
Authentic experiences with books!!!  We do NOT take quizzes after each book.  We do NOT read to get prizes.  We read because books open doors and allow us an escape; they allow us to travel to times and places we would have never been able to experience.  Here are the key terms from (summary of) this chapter:
Online Reading Communitiessuch as SIGN UP and BEGIN! 
Reading Graffiti a dedicated space to quotes from books
 Book Graffiti Wall
 You could also use black butcher paper, as suggested in the book, and provide students silver, gold, &/or white oil-based Sharpies to write with.
Book Commercialskind of like a book talk, but quick, impromptu discussion about a book where others can share their ideas about the book, as well
Reading Doorspost pictures of the books you have read and quotes from the books or about reading in general; both students and teachers can participate!
 Reading Doors
Epicenter Readersreaders whose enthusiasm for reading explodes and overflows to such an extent that they encourage others

Reading Influenceswho encourages you to read? Who are the readers in your life?

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